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Output preview

To determine which portions of this document will print on each of the color separations, you will use Acrobat's separation preview.

Click the Fit Page icon () or choose View > Fit Page.

Click the Next Page button () or choose View > Go To > Next Page.

Choose Advanced > Output Preview. The Ouput Preview window opens.

The Output Preview window shows all the colors that are included in this document for printing. The four subtractive primary colors used in color printing are displayed: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK). Also, any special colors that will print are listed.

These special colors, called spot colors, are printed in addition to the four subtractive primary colors. This typically increases the cost of a print job. Because of the extra cost associated with spot colors, you may want to check PDF files to confirm that none are used in your documents if you did not intend to use them. The Separation Preview window can be used to confirm the colors used in Adobe PDF files. You can also use the Preflight process, described earlier in this chapter, to check for spot colors in PDF documents.

In the Output Preview window, click once on the check box located to the left of the Pantone 300 C color swatch. The check box becomes deselected. All items on the page that would be printed using this color are hidden from view.

The Pantone 300 C color swatch is only used on page . If you are not viewing page 22, or if you have not opened the newsletter_export.pdf file, you will not see any changes to the file when enabling or disabling this color separation in the Output Preview window.

Click to deselect the Process Cyan and also the Process Magenta check boxes in the Separation Preview window. Objects using these colors are then hidden from view.

Click the Process Plates check box to display all the CMYK plates.

Click the Spot Plates check box for the Pantone 300 C spot color to be displayed on your monitor.


Unless you use a color management system (CMS) with accurately calibrated ICC profiles, and have calibrated your monitor, the on-screen separation preview colors may not provide an exact match of the final color separation output.

Click the Close Window button in the upper right corner of the Output Preview window (Windows) or the upper left corner of the window (Mac OS). Keep the file open.



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