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Lesson 7. Modifying PDF Files > Inserting PDF files

Inserting PDF files

In Acrobat, you can insert a page, a specified range of pages, or all pages from one PDF document into another. Earlier in this lesson, you used page thumbnails to insert a page from one PDF document into another. Now you'll add client testimonials to the CustCare1.pdf file by inserting all the pages of another file (Clients.pdf).

Click the Bookmarks tab in the navigation pane to display the bookmarks. If needed, resize the navigation pane to view the entire bookmark text.

Although the Client Testimonials bookmark appears in the list, the brochure contains only a placeholder for the client testimonials. You'll insert the testimonials from another document.

Drag in the scroll bar in the document pane to go to the last page 8 (8 of 8) in the document, or click the Client Testimonials bookmark in the Bookmarks tab.

Choose Document > Insert Pages.

In the Select Files to Insert dialog box, select Clients.pdf in the Lesson07 folder, and click Select.

The Insert Pages dialog box appears.

For Location, choose Before.

Make sure that Page is selected and that the Page text box contains 8. Then click OK.

The client testimonials are inserted where they belong.

Page through the document to verify that the testimonials have been inserted in the correct location.

Choose File > Save to save your work.

You'll need to delete the placeholder page, but first you'll add a bookmark for the cover that you added and then update the link for the Client Testimonials bookmark.



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