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Lesson 7. Modifying PDF Files > Editing links - Pg. 219

Classroom in a Book ADOBE ACROBAT 7.0 219 9 On the contents page, click each link in turn. (You must have the Hand tool selected.) Use the Previous View button ( ) to return to the Contents page each time. Notice that the Creativity link takes you to the wrong page and that neither the Care link nor the Clients link is working. Now you'll correct these broken links. Editing links 1 Click in the page number area of the status bar to select the page number, type 2, and press Enter or Return to return to the contents page if necessary. 2 On the contents page, click the Care link. Nothing happens. As you discovered just a few minutes ago, the Care link is not working. 3 Scroll down the page thumbnails in the Pages tab and notice that the Care page is page 7 in the brochure. You'll use this information to set the link correctly. 4 Choose Tools > Advanced Editing > Show Advanced Editing Toolbar to display the Advanced Editing toolbar. 5 Select the Link tool ( ). Notice that all the links on the page are outlined in black when the Link tool is active.