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Lesson 7. Modifying PDF Files > Moving pages with page thumbnails

Moving pages with page thumbnails

Page thumbnails offer convenient previews of your pages. You can use them for navigation—they are especially useful if you are looking for a page that has a distinctive appearance. You can also drag them in the Pages tab to change the pagination in the document pane, which is what you'll do now.

Click the Pages tab in the navigation pane to see thumbnails of each page.

First you'll increase the size of the thumbnails so that you can more clearly see the content of the pages.

Click the Options button at the top of the tab, and choose Enlarge Page Thumbnails from the menu.

Now you'll widen the Pages tab so that you can see all the thumbnails without having to scroll.

Move your pointer over the margin between the navigation pane and the document pane. When the pointer changes shape (), drag to the right to widen the navigation pane. Adjust the width of the navigation pane so that you have two columns of page thumbnails.

Drag the margin of the navigation pane to display page thumbnails in two columns.

Now you'll move two pages of the brochure that were incorrectly placed. As you noticed earlier, the page that is titled Simplicity is out of place. It should be the first page after the contents page. Also because the Efficiency page should follow the Simplicity page (based on the table of contents), you'll move the two pages together.

Click the page 5 thumbnail to select it.

Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) and click the page 6 thumbnail to add it to the selection. Release the Ctrl or Command key.

Drag the page 5 thumbnail image up until the insertion bar appears to the right of the page 1 thumbnail. The page 1 thumbnail represents the contents page. Because the page 6 thumbnail image is part of the selection, you're also moving that thumbnail image.

Release the mouse button to insert the page thumbnails into their new position.

Drag page thumbnail to new location.


The Simplicity page now follows the contents page, and the Efficiency page follows the Simplicity page.

To check the sequence of pages, click the First Page button () on the status bar to go to the first page of the brochure, and then use the Next Page button () to page through the brochure. Notice that as you page through the document, the corresponding page thumbnail is highlighted.

When you're satisfied that the pages are in the correct order, choose File > Save to save your work.



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