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Chapter 9. Making Documents Accessible a... > Using the Acrobat accessibility feat... - Pg. 282

282 LESSON 9 Making Documents Accessible and Flexible Acrobat 7.0 Professional: Checking reading order Acrobat 7.0 Professional allows you to check the reflow and reading-order of PDF files and improve the accessibility of non-text elements in a document using the Touchup Reading Order tool and the Tags tab. If your document is a fillable PDF form or contains images, you must add alternate text for these items to make them fully accessible. For example, you can add alternate text in the form field's Properties dialog box. A screen reader will then read this alternate text rather than simply read the name of the type of form field when a user tabs through the form fields. To add instructional information to a form field: 1. With the appropriate form field tool selected, do one of the following to open the form field's Properties dialog box: · Double-click the form field. · Click the More button on the Properties toolbar. 2. In the General tab, type instructional text into the Tooltip box. Using the Acrobat accessibility features Many people with vision and motor impairments use computers, and Acrobat has a number of features that make it easier for these users to work with Adobe PDF