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Lesson 2. Getting to Know the Work Area > Opening the How To pages

Opening the How To pages

In this section of the lesson, you'll learn how to open the How To pages when you need information on a feature or when you need help with the steps for completing a task.

To open the How To pages, choose Help > How To, and select a topic area from the menu. We selected Acrobat Essentials.

The How To pages offer information on popular features and step-by-step instructions on how to complete common tasks.

The Acrobat Essentials How To page opens to the right of the document pane and displays a list of topics on which help is available. To get information on a listed topic, simply click the link for that topic.

To get information on how to create a bookmark, click the Create a Bookmark link.

Click a link to get an overview of a feature or review the steps for completing a task.

You'll learn more about creating bookmarks in Lesson 7, “Modifying PDF Files.”

Notice that after the step-by-step instructions, the How To page gives additional links to the section on creating bookmarks in the Complete Help and to a related Help topic, Magnifying and Reducing the View.

If you want the How To pages to open each time you launch Acrobat, make sure the Show How To Window at Startup option on the How To home page is selected. To return to the How To home page, click the How To ... Home Page button () on the How To toolbar. The option is selected when the box contains a check mark.

Now you'll see how easy it is to open and use the Acrobat online Help.



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