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Lesson 14. Creating PDF Forms > Creating a reset button

Creating a reset button

If necessary, choose the Button tool () from the Forms Toolbar.

You can use the Grid to help you align buttons and form fields. Choose View >Grid to make the grid visible or to hide it. You can set the size of the grid by choosing Edit > Preferences > Units & Guides.

Position the cursor under the Print button created previously. You will create a similarly sized button by positioning the cursor below the lower left corner of the Print button. Click and drag down and to the right, creating a box that is approximately the same size as the Print button. When you release the mouse, the Button Properties window opens.

In the General tab, locate the Name field and enter Clear, then enter Click to reset form in the Tooltip field. Leave the other settings in the General tab unchanged, and do not close the window.

Choose the Appearance tab of the Button Properties dialog box:

  • Click on the swatch to the right of Border Color and choose a light red color.

  • Click on the swatch to the right of Fill Color and choose a dark red color.

  • From the Line Thickness drop-down menu, choose Medium.

  • From the Line Style drop-down menu, choose Beveled.

  • From the Font Size drop-down menu, choose 14.

  • Click on the swatch to the right of Text Color and choose White.

  • In the Font drop-down menu, choose Helvetica Bold.

Select the Options tab and make the following selections:

  • From the Layout drop-down menu, choose Label only.

  • From the Behavior drop-down menu, choose Invert.

  • In the Label textbox, type Clear.

Leave the other settings in the Options tab unchanged, and leave the window open.

Click the Actions tab and choose Mouse Up from the Select Trigger drop-down menu. Choose Reset a Form from the Select Action choices, and click the Add button. The Reset a Form window opens.

In the Reset a Form window, confirm that all the fields are selected. If necessary, click Select All to choose all the fields that will be reset. Click OK to close this window, then click Close to close the Button Properties window.

From the Toolbar, select the Hand tool ().

Enter the requested information into each of the form fields that you have not yet completed. You will use this information in the next section, so keep the form open after you have filled in the fields, check boxes and radio buttons.



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