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Lesson 14. Creating PDF Forms > Duplicating fields

Duplicating fields

If necessary, select the combo box you created in the previous section using either the Combo Box tool () or the Select Object tool ().

Right-click (Window) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS) the combo box and choose Create Multiple Copies. The Create Multiple Copies of Fields window appears.

For Copy selected fields down, enter 8. For Copy selected fields across, enter 1. If necessary, click the Preview checkbox to view the duplicate fields.

You can use the Overall Size (All Fields) to adjust the amount of space between each field affected by the duplication. Additionally, use the Overall Position (All Fields) to move the field being duplicated and all the copies. If all the fields are either too high or too low within each cell, click the Down or Up button to move the fields on the page. Click the OK button to close the window.

Double-click the original form field that was duplicated, and click the General tab. Note that Adobe Acrobat added a period and number following the form field name. When fields are duplicated using this method, Acrobat automatically renames each field so that it is unique by adding a consecutive number at the end of each form field name. Because of this, it is not necessary to rename each of the duplicate fields—this time—consuming work has been done for you.

Click Close to close the Combo Box Properties Box.

After duplicating form fields, the individual fields can be moved using the Select Object tool ().



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