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Lesson 12. Creating Multimedia Presentat... > Opening a movie clip in a floating w...

Opening a movie clip in a floating window

Navigate to page five. This page already includes a movie file along with a button to play the movie. This movie plays in the default location, in its current frame located on the document page. You will change the movie so that it plays in a separate window.

Choose the Select Object tool () and double-click the movie frame. In the Multimedia Properties window that opens, choose the Settings tab. Select Rendition from Old _South.mov from the list of renditions, then click the Edit Rendition button.


You may need to scroll to locate this object.

In the Rendition Settings window, choose the Playback Location tab. For Playback Location, choose Floating Window and keep this window open.

In the Floating Window Settings at the bottom of the window, click the Get From Media button to set the size of the window based upon the size of the movie file.

Choose the Playback Settings tab and select the Show Player Controls option. This allows viewers to pause, rewind, and adjust the sound volume of the movie file as it plays in the floating window. Click OK to close the Renditions Settings window.

Click the Close button to close the Multimedia Properties window.

Choose the Hand tool () and click the Play Multimedia button to see the movie play in a separate window.



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