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Lesson 12. Creating Multimedia Presentat... > Adding a sound file and adding two a...

Adding a sound file and adding two actions to one button

Navigate to page 3. If the Advanced Editing toolbar is not currently visible, choose View > Toolbars > Advanced Editing.

Select the Sound tool () and draw a small square at the bottom of the page on the white area near the edge. The size and exact location are not critically important, as the box will be hidden from view.

Remember that both the Sound tool () and the Movie tool () are located in the same position in the toolbar. To change from the Movie tool to the Sound tool, you may need to click on the arrow to the right of the Movie tool and select the Sound tool from the menu that appears. To make both tools visible at the same time, click on the arrow next to either tool and choose Expand this Button from the menu that appears.

In the Add Sound window, choose the Acrobat 6 (and Later) Compatible Media option. Click the Browse button to identify the location of the sound file that you are adding to the presentation. Navigate to the sound file Statehouse_audioclip.wav in the audio folder in the Lesson12 folder, and click Select to choose this file.

Click the Embed content in document checkbox, and then click OK to close the Add Sound window.

Double-click the frame that was created in the previous step. Note that the frame containing the sound includes a border.

In the Multimedia Properties window, click the Appearance tab and choose Invisible Rectangle from the Border Type drop-down menu. This removes the black border around the perimeter of the frame containing the sound, making the sound border invisible on the PDF page. Click the Close button to close the Multimedia Properties window.

Adding multiple actions to one button

Because the sound and movie files are added to this page separately, you will add two actions to a single button to cause both the sound and the movie to play at the same time.



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