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Lesson 12. Creating Multimedia Presentations > Adding an interactive animation

Adding an interactive animation

If the Advanced Editing toolbar is not open, open it now via View > Toolbars > Advanced Editing. You will use this toolbar to add movies, animations, and sounds to your PDF presentation.

If necessary, navigate to page 1. Choose the Movie tool () from the Advanced Editing toolbar.

The Movie tool and the Sound tool () share the same position on the Advanced Editing toolbar. If the Sound tool is visible, click the arrow to the right of the Sound tool and choose the Movie tool () from the menu that appears. To see both tools at the same time, choose Expand This Button, which adds both tools to the Advanced Editing toolbar, so they are both visible at the same time.

Using the Movie tool, click and drag a rectangle that completely encloses the tan box on the upper left side of the first page. This box has been placed for you to use as a guide. After you release the mouse, the Add Movie window appears.

In the Add Movie window, select the Acrobat 6 and Later Compatible Media radio button. Click the Browse button (Windows) or Choose button (Mac OS) and choose the file named opening_animation.swf that is located in the movies folder in the Lesson12 folder. Click the Select button.

After selecting the file, choose the following options in the Add Movie Window:

  • Deselect Snap to content proportions.

  • Select Embed content in document.

  • Select Retrieve poster from movie.

Now click OK. The animated movie file appears in the box you created with the Movie tool.


When selecting movies or animations on a Windows computer, it may be necessary to select “Most Common Formats” from the Files of Type drop-down menu. When browsing for the files to input, this allows Acrobat to display most movie and sound formats.

If necessary, change the position of the movie file by clicking and holding the mouse on the center of the movie file, and then dragging it to the desired location. To adjust the dimensions of the movie file proportionally, Shift-click the handles in the corner of the movie file and drag toward the center of the movie to reduce the size, or away from the center to enlarge the size.

Always use the Shift key when resizing a movie or animation file to ensure that it remains proportional. Clicking and dragging without the Shift key may cause the movie or animation to become distorted.

Choose the Hand tool () from the Basic toolbar and move the cursor over the animated map. The cursor changes to a pointing finger () to indicate that the content is interactive. Click on the center of the Flash animation. The animated map will play. This file also includes audio. If you cannot hear the audio, you may need to adjust the sound controls on your computer.



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