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Lesson 12. Creating Multimedia Presentat... > Creating a full screen presentation ...

Creating a full screen presentation with transitions

You will now view your PDF document without all the tools and menus by using the Full Screen viewing mode. You will also create transitions that vary how the screen changes from one page to the next.

Open the Pages panel. Shift-click to select both page 1 and page 2. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS) on the thumbnail of either page. Choose Set Page Transitions from the context menu that appears.

In the Set Transitions window, choose Fade from the Effect options. Check the Auto Flip checkbox, and choose 10 Seconds from the After drop-down menu. In the Page Range portion of this window, confirm that the option Pages selected in Pages panel is selected, and then click OK.

These choices will cause page 1 to fade into page 2 whenever the document is viewed using the Full Screen mode. Also, if the first page is not changed manually, it will automatically move to the next page after 10 seconds.

In the Pages panel, right-click on the page thumbnail for page 3. From the context menu, choose Set Page Transitions and from the Effect options, choose Random Transition. In the Page Range portion of the window, choose Pages Range and enter from 3 to 9. Click OK after entering these settings.

Navigate to the first page of the document. To view the presentation using the Full Screen mode, choose Window > Full Screen View. Wait 10 seconds to test the automatic transition, or click the Next Page button to view the Fade effect as the page transitions from page 1 to page 2. To exit Full Screen viewing mode, use the Esc (Escape) Key on the upper left corner of your keyboard, or press Ctrl+L (Windows) or Command+L (Mac OS).


You can also switch to the Full Screen mode by clicking the Full Screen Icon located in the bottom left corner of the document window.

To set the entire document to always open in the Full Screen viewing mode, choose File > Document Properties and select the Initial View tab. In the Window Options portion of this window, select Open in Full Screen mode and then click OK.

Choose File > Save. Close the document, and then reopen it. The file now opens directly in the Full Screen mode.



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