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Adding text to a form

In the header section of the form you will include the company name, logo, and the form name. These individual items will then be joined together as a group.

In the Library palette, locate and click on the Standard tab. Click and drag the Text icon from the Standard tab of the Library onto the top, center portion of the page.


You can also click to select the Text icon in the Library palette, then click and drag on the form to define the size of the text frame.

Position your cursor over the text frame that you added to the page in the previous step and double-click to select the default text inside the frame. Enter the text LPH Technology to replace the default text. Keep the text frame selected and click the Actual Size icon () in the toolbar.

Choose Window > Font and the Font palette is displayed. Click and drag across the LPH Technology text so that it is selected. You can also triple-click to select all the text. In the Font palette, change the font to Myriad Pro Black and set the size to 16 point.

Click the Layout palette. If the Layout palette is not visible, choose Window > Layout. From the Anchor drop-down menu in the Layout palette choose Top Middle.

The Auto-fit checkboxes are selected for both Width and Height. This allowed the text box to expand as you entered additional text.

In the Layout palette set enter the Anchor X value of 4.25 and enter the Anchor Y value of .25. Press the Enter or Return key after entering these values. The text box is aligned with the top margin and centered horizontally on the page.



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