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Changing views

The Layout Editor includes different options for previewing a completed form and for viewing form master pages. These display options are accessed via tabs, located along the top of the form and from the View menu. The four possible views are Body Pages, Master Pages, XML Source, and PDF Preview.

Click the PDF Preview tab to view how the form will appear when rendered as an Adobe PDF file.

Clicking the PDF Preview renders an Adobe PDF file that is then displayed within the PDF Preview window using Adobe Acrobat. If Adobe Acrobat is not already running, the program starts, facilitating the PDF Preview within Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

The Packing List is displayed.

Click in the Company text field, beneath the Packing List headline. Enter the text ABC Company.

Click the drop-down option to the right of the Date field, and a calendar is displayed. Click to choose a day from within the calendar and the selected date is placed in the Date field.

Choose View > XML Source. The XML Source tab is displayed along with the PDF Preview and Body Pages tab. The currently selected field is highlighted within the XML code that makes up the form file. Click the Body Pages tab.

Choose View > Zoom Area. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass. Click and drag the cursor to create a marquee surrounding the Date field and the four fields beneath it. The view changes to focus on this area of the form.

Click the Fit Width icon () in the toolbars. Additional magnification options in the toolbars, located to the right of the Fit Width icon, provide other methods for changing the zoom level of the form.

Choose File > Close. Click the No button when asked if changes to the file should be saved. After closing the Packing List form, the Adobe LiveCycle Designer Welcome Screen is displayed. Keep this window open.



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