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Lesson 16. Creating Forms with Adobe Liv... > Adding and using Custom Library item...

Adding and using Custom Library items

Use the library to store frequently used objects and groups. Objects can be pulled from the library and placed onto any form, saving the time of recreating objects that you use frequently.

Click on the text box that contains the text How did you hear about this product? and then hold down the Shift key and click to select all the check boxes on the form. Keep all the objects selected.

Click and drag the selected items to the tab labeled Custom in the Library palette. A white arrow with a plus sign is displayed (), indicating that the objects are being added to the Library. Release the mouse when the white arrow with the plus sign is displayed. The Add Library Object window is displayed.

In the Add Library Object window, enter the Name as Check Box Group. For Description enter How client learned about us. Click the OK button to close the Add Library Object window.

From the Custom tab in the Library palette, click and drag the Check Box Group onto the form. Position it under the existing check boxes at the coordinates of X: 0.5 in. and Y: 5.75 in.

Triple-click on the How did you first hear about this product? text in the group you added to the form in the previous step. The text becomes selected. Enter the text What product features most influenced your decision to make this purchase?

Triple-click on the description of the first Check Box. With the text selected, type Styling. Repeat this process for the three other check boxes, entering the text Performance, Value, and Engineering for these three check boxes.



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