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Exploring on your own: Converting and combining multiple Office files

As you saw in this lesson, you can convert Office files to Adobe PDF from within the Office application that you used to author the files. However, if you have several Office files—for example, a Word file, a PowerPoint file, and an Excel file—you can also convert and consolidate the files in one easy step from within Acrobat.

In Acrobat, choose File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files.

In the dialog box, click the Browse button under Add Files, and navigate to the Lesson03\Win folder.

Make sure that All Supported Formats is selected for Files of Type, and then Ctrl-click to select the files, Our_Wines.doc, Projections.xls, and Welcome.ppt. Click Add.

You can rearrange the files in the Files to Combine panel in the Create PDF from Multiple Documents dialog box. For this exercise though, you'll simply convert the files. You'll learn more about the Create PDF From Multiple Files command in Lesson 4, “Converting Other File Types to Adobe PDF.”

Click OK.

Acrobat converts the files to Adobe PDF and consolidates them into one file. You have more control over the conversion process if you create individual PDF files and consolidate them separately, but if you have a number of similar and simple files, creating a PDF file from multiple source files in this one easy step is convenient.

Click Save to save the consolidated and converted file.

Acrobat then opens the consolidated PDF file. Notice that only one page of the Excel spreadsheet is converted.

When you have reviewed the file, close it without saving your work and exit Acrobat.



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