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Introduction > What You’ll Create

What You’ll Create

Create a data file in Quicken to contain all of your financial information.

Create accounts in Quicken that correspond to your checking, savings, credit card, and investment accounts in the real world, and see at a glance your account balances.

Set up your paycheck and schedule it so that Quicken automatically enters the paycheck information every time you get paid.

You’ll learn how to write checks in Quicken, and, if you like, print checks from the program on pre-printed check forms.

Never forget a bill again—just put regular bills into Quicken and tell it to memorize the bill. Quicken reminds you to pay the bill every month, banishing late fees forever!

Tired of writing checks? You can pay your bills from within Quicken with online banking and online bill payment. This saves you time and effort, and as a bonus, it takes literally seconds each month to reconcile your checkbook.

Credit cards are great, but they can be cruel masters if you let your spending get out of hand. You’ll learn to use Quicken to keep on top of credit card debt and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

Quicken’s reports and graphs are great tools to let you know where your finances stand. You’ll see how to use them for a quick financial checkup.

Looking forward to retirement? Smart investing now will pay off in the years ahead. You’ll see how to set up your investment accounts, and how you can keep on top of your portfolio as it grows in value.

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