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Reading Notes

You can view notes, sort the Notes list, and filter the list to see notes that match a particular title or category.

To view notes

Click the Notes icon, choose View > Go To > Notes, or press .

The Notes section of Entourage is shown (Figure 6.14).

Figure 6.14. The Notes list is displayed in the main window. Double-click a note title to view the note.

To view a note (Figure 6.15), double-click its title. Or you can select the note title and then choose File > Open Note, press , or click the Edit toolbar icon.

Figure 6.15. Since the Notes section has no Preview Pane, you must open notes to read them.

You can sort the Notes list by the contents of any column by clicking the column name. To reverse the sort order, click the column name again.

The sort column is indicated by a blue column head; the sort direction is indicated by the triangle following the column name (Figure 6.16).

Figure 6.16. Click any column name to sort the Notes list by the information in that column.

You can change the Notes list display in the following ways:

  • To change the order in which column names are displayed, you can drag any head left or right to a new position.

  • You can eliminate any column head by choosing its name from the View > Columns submenu (removing the check mark that precedes the column name). You can also choose columns from the pop-up menu that appears when you -click a column head.

Optional: You can filter the Notes list to show only titles that contain a particular text string or those to which a specific category or project has been assigned (Figure 6.17).

  • To filter by title, choose Title contains from the drop-down menu above the Notes list, and type a string in the text box.

  • To filter by category, choose Category is from the drop-down menu, and choose a category from the menu to its right.

    Custom Views

    Another way to filter the Notes list is to create a custom view (a set of saved Find criteria that you can replay over and over). Entourage provides several ready-to-use custom views, such as Created in the Past 7 Days. Custom views are listed in the lower-left pane of the Entourage window.

    For more information, see “Create a custom view” in Entourage Help.

  • To filter by project, choose Project is from the drop-down menu, and choose a project from the menu to its right.

Figure 6.17. To restrict the Notes list, you can filter it by title, category, or project.



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