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Chapter 15. Working Offline > Reading News Offline

Reading News Offline

If you don't want to tie up your phone line while you read newsgroup articles or if you're charged for Internet access based on connect time, you can download newsgroup articles and then work offline.

To read news offline

If you are working offline, return to online mode by choosing Entourage > Work Offline (Figure 15.1).

Figure 15.1. To switch between online and offline modes, choose the Work Offline command.

The Work Offline command works as a toggle. When it's not preceded by a check mark, you are working online. The Status bar also shows when you're working offline (Figure 15.2).

Figure 15.2. Check the Status bar in the bottom-right corner of the document window.

Download new headers for a newsgroup that interests you by selecting the newsgroup name in the Folders list. Then click the More toolbar icon or choose View > Get More News Messages.

Disconnect from the Internet by choosing Entourage > Work Offline. Then issue the Disconnect command in your dialing application, such as Internet Connect.

Examine the new headers while offline, and click the header of the first message that you'd like to download.

A dialog box appears (Figure 15.3).

Figure 15.3. When working offline, any action that would require you to be connected to the Internet causes this dialog box to appear.

Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog box.

-click the headers of all additional articles you want to read.

Choose Message > Receive Entire Message.

The dialog box (Figure 15.3) reappears.

Click Connect.

Entourage connects to the Internet—just long enough to download the marked messages. When finished, Entourage automatically reverts to working offline.

Use Internet Connect (or another dialer application) to disconnect from the Internet.

Repeat Steps 2 through 9 for each additional newsgroup of interest.

Read the downloaded articles at your leisure.



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