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Chapter 17. The Project Center > Archiving a Project

Archiving a Project

To ensure that your project data is secure or to clear it from your hard disk at the project's conclusion, the Project Center provides its own backup/archive procedure.

To back up or archive a project

In the Project Center, select the project and click the Overview tab. Click the Backup button at the bottom of the page.

The Export wizard appears (Figure 17.17).

Figure 17.17. Select a project and specify the types of items that you wish to archive.

Ensure that the correct project is selected. If you wish, you can elect not to archive some project item classes by clearing their check boxes. Click the right-arrow icon. The Delete Archived Items? screen appears (Figure 17.18).

Figure 17.18. Following the archive procedure, you can delete or retain the data within Entourage.

Click a radio button to indicate whether the project items should remain intact within Entourage (when performing a backup) or deleted (when making an archive at a project's conclusion). Click the right-arrow icon.

If you choose to delete the items, you can click the check box to prevent the wizard from deleting any items that are associated with other projects or categories.

In the Save dialog box (Figure 17.19), select a location for the archive file, edit its name (if desired), and click Save. The project archive is created.

Figure 17.19. Select a location for the archive file and click Save.

Click Done to dismiss the Export wizard.



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