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Chapter 4. The Calendar > Adding and Removing Holidays

Adding and Removing Holidays

If you like, you can add country-specific and religious holidays to the calendar. You can remove all or some of the imported holidays, if desired.

To add holidays to the calendar

Choose File > Import.

The Import wizard appears (Figure 4.31).

Figure 4.31. On the first screen of the Import wizard, click the Import holidays radio button.

Click the Import holidays radio button, and then click the right-arrow icon to continue to the next screen.

After Entourage finishes building the list of available country-specific and religious holiday sets, make your selections by entering check marks (Figure 4.32). Click the right-arrow icon to continue.

Figure 4.32. Click the check boxes of the countries and religions whose holidays you want to import.

The chosen holidays are imported into the calendar.

To remove holidays from the calendar

Switch to the calendar.

Choose Edit > Advanced Find or press .

The Find window appears.

Select only Calendar Events as Item Types and set the criterion as Category Is Holiday using the Criteria drop-down menus (Figure 4.33).

Figure 4.33. In the Find dialog box, select Calendar Events and set the criterion to Category Is Holiday.

Click Find.

A Search Results window appears, listing the found holiday events (Figure 4.34).

Figure 4.34. Select the holidays you want to delete from the list in the Search Results window.

Select the holidays you want to delete. (Note that each holiday is listed multiple times, representing the different years for which it was added to the calendar.)

Click the Delete toolbar icon, choose Edit > Delete, or press or .

Click the Delete button in the confirmation dialog box that appears.

Close the Search Results window.

✓ Tips

  • Setting the criterion as Category Is Holiday will find all imported holidays. If you imported multiple holiday sets, you can find any one set (for example, Holiday–United States) by setting the search category to that specific set.

  • If you want to delete all found holidays, click to select any one of them, choose Edit > Select All, and then perform the deletion.

  • You can also remove individual holidays (marked in red on the calendar) by selecting and then deleting them as you would any other event.

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