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Chapter 4. The Calendar > Setting Event Reminders

Setting Event Reminders

When you've set a reminder for an event or task, the Office Notifications window appears (Figure 4.19). You can deal with its reminder(s) in any of the following ways:

  • If there are multiple pending reminders, a vertical scroll bar appears on the right side of the Office Notifications window. Scroll to the item you wish to handle and then click the appropriate button.

  • If you don't want additional reminders for an item, click the Dismiss button.

  • To delay the reminder for another five minutes, click the Snooze button.

  • If you want to set a new time or day on which you'd like to be reminded again, click the down arrow beside the Snooze button. Then choose a new time or day from the list that appears (Figure 4.20).

    Figure 4.20. To be reminded at a later time, click the Snooze button and choose a new time.

  • If you want to change the reminder or modify the event for an item, click the Open Item button. Make the necessary changes, save the event, and close its window.

  • To dismiss the Office Notifications window without responding to the reminders, click its close button (the red button in the upper-left corner).

Figure 4.19. When it gets close to the time of a scheduled event, the Office Notifications window automatically appears.

✓ Tips

  • Tasks can also have reminders. Both events and tasks are listed in the Office Notifications window. The handling methods described here for events are also used with tasks.

  • The number of pending reminders is displayed in the Office Notifications icon in the Dock (Figure 4.21).

    Figure 4.21. The Office Notifications icon appears in the Dock whenever there are pending reminders.

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