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Chapter 4. The Calendar > Viewing the Calendar

Viewing the Calendar

You can change the calendar display in several ways: viewing a day, week, work week, or month at a time; hiding or showing the Tasks pane; or showing only a sequential list of events rather than a calendar. In addition to setting the view, you can select a particular date or range of dates you wish to see.

To change the calendar view

Switch to the calendar by clicking its icon in the upper-left corner of the window, choosing View > Go To > Calendar, or pressing .

The Views list contains a list of custom calendar views. Beneath it is a mini-calendar. To the right is the calendar view (showing events for the current day, work week, week, or month), and on the far right is the Tasks pane (Figure 4.1).

Figure 4.1. To view the calendar, click the Calendar icon.

To change the current view, do one of the following:

  • Click the Day, Work Week, Week, or Month toolbar icon.

  • Choose a command from the Calendar menu (Figure 4.2).

    Figure 4.2. You can change the view by choosing a command from the Calendar menu.

The current date range is displayed using the new view. The active view is indicated by a darkened toolbar icon.

✓ Tips

  • The Tasks pane is optional. To show or hide it, choose Calendar > Tasks Pane.

  • To display only the list of events for the current view (Figure 4.3), choose Calendar > List. To return to a normal calendar view, click a toolbar icon or choose a Calendar command.

    Figure 4.3. Choose Calendar > List if all you'd like to see is a list of events for the selected time period.

  • You can also display a custom view (in list form) by selecting it from the Views list on the left side of the Entourage window (Figure 4.4). To restore a normal view, click the Calendar text above the Calendar Views list.

    Figure 4.4. To see a list of upcoming events, you can select a custom view. Here are the results of the Recurring Yearly custom view.

  • In some cases, you may not be able to read the full text of an event by glancing at the calendar. However, if you rest the cursor over the event, the full text will be displayed. (Other ways to view an event include selecting a different calendar view or double-clicking the event to open it in its own window.)

  • To quickly switch to Month view, click a month name above the minicalendar.

To view a specific date

To select a date to view, you can do any of the following:

  • Click the left and right arrows above the calendar window until the desired date is visible (Figure 4.5).

    Figure 4.5. Click an arrow icon to move backward or forward. The amount moved (a day, week, or month) is determined by the calendar view that's in effect.

  • Click the left and right arrows above the minicalendar until the date you want is visible. (Holding down the mouse button over either arrow makes the calendar scroll quickly through the months.) Click the desired date.

  • Choose Calendar > Previous () or Calendar > Next () to view the previous or next day, work week, week, or month (depending on the current view).

  • To jump to a specific date, click the View Date toolbar icon or choose Calendar > View Date. In the View Date dialog box that appears, type a date or select one from the pop-up calendar (Figure 4.6). Click OK.

    Figure 4.6. You can select a particular date to view from the pop-up calendar in the View Date dialog box.

The selected date is displayed using the view that's currently in effect.

To display the current date, choose Calendar > Go to Today, press , or click the View Date icon and click OK in the View Date dialog box. (The default date is always today.)

✓ Tips

  • To restrict the calendar to showing a particular range of dates, you can drag-select from one to six weeks in the minicalendar (Figure 4.7). Unlike other date-selection methods, this one changes the view to match the number of weeks selected.

    Figure 4.7. To view a specific range of dates (up to six weeks), drag-select the range in the minicalendar.

  • To give more room to the Calendar, click the Hide Views icon above the Views list.

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