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Chapter 11. Receiving Email > Creating Schedules

Creating Schedules

In addition to sending outgoing email and retrieving incoming email manually, you can create Entourage schedules to automatically perform these and other useful tasks.

To create a schedule

Choose Tools > Schedules.

The Schedules dialog box appears (see Figure 11.2).

Click the New toolbar icon.

The Edit Schedule dialog box appears (Figure 11.16).

Figure 11.16. You design and edit schedules in the Edit Schedule dialog box.

Enter a name for the schedule.

In the When section, indicate when the schedule will run, as follows:

  • Manually. You will run the schedule each time by choosing its name from the Tools > Run Schedule submenu.

  • At Startup or On Quit. The schedule will run automatically each time you start Entourage or quit.

  • Timed Schedule. The schedule will run only on specific days at preset times (Figure 11.17).

    Figure 11.17. When creating a timed schedule, click the button marked Click here for timed schedule options. In this dialog box, select the days and times when the schedule will run.

  • Repeating Schedule. The schedule will run automatically at the designated time intervals (Figure 11.18).

    Figure 11.18. When you create a repeating schedule, you must specify the time interval between runs.

  • Recurring. The schedule will repeat based on simple or complex date patterns (Figure 11.19), such as daily, weekly, or every second Tuesday of the month for the next three months.

    Figure 11.19. If you have complex requirements (such as a schedule that will be run infrequently or only for a set number of occurrences), a recurring schedule may meet your needs.

Optional: To specify additional times when the schedule needs to run, click Add Occurrence and repeat Step 4.

If this schedule should run only when you are connected to the Internet, click the Only if connected check box.

In the Action section, specify the event(s) that will occur when the schedule runs, as follows:

  • Receive Mail. Retrieve all incoming email from the specified account.

  • Receive News. Retrieve new article headers from the selected newsgroups for a particular news server.

  • Send All. Send all email in the Outbox.

  • Run AppleScript. Run the specified AppleScript.

  • Delete Mail. Delete messages from the Deleted Items folder (or any other selected folder), based on message age.

  • Delete Junk Mail. Delete messages classified as “junk” from the Deleted Items, Junk E-mail, or another folder, based on message age.

  • Launch Alias. Launch a specific program or open a particular document.

Optional: To specify more actions to be executed when the schedule runs, click Add Action and repeat Step 7.

In the Dial-up options section of the dialog box (Figure 11.20), indicate what should be done after the schedule has executed:

  • Stay connected. Remain connected to the Internet.

  • Close. Disconnect from the Internet.

  • Return to previous state. Return to the connection state that was present immediately before the schedule ran.

Figure 11.20. In Dial-up options, indicate how your Internet connection should be affected after this schedule runs.

To make this schedule active, ensure that the Enabled check box is checked. Or to disable the schedule, remove the check mark.

Click OK to save the new schedule.

The Schedules dialog box reappears, displaying the new schedule.



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