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Chapter 14. Posting to Newsgroups > Composing and Posting Articles

Composing and Posting Articles

You can post messages to newsgroups by replying to an existing article or creating a new one.

To post a new message to a newsgroup

Open the newsgroup list to which you want to post a message by selecting it in the Folders list or by double-clicking it in the news server's newsgroup list.

Click the New toolbar icon, choose File > New > News Message, or press

A blank message window opens, addressed to the newsgroup (see Figure 14.1).

Add other desired recipients to the address field (additional newsgroups go in the To line and email recipients go in the Cc line), enter a subject, and type the body of the message as you would an email message.

Optional: Click the Use HTML icon on the Formatting toolbar (Figure 14.2) to switch between unformatted and formatted text. You can also choose Format > HTML.

Figure 14.2. To switch between a plain text and an HTML (formatted) message, click the Use HTML icon. When HTML is enabled, the icon is dark.

Be aware, however, that many people use text-only newsreaders and may find formatted text unreadable.

Optional: You can add attachments just as with an email message. It is polite to compress large attachments to save retrieval time for the recipients.

When you're done composing the message, do one of the following:

  • Click the Post Now or Post Later toolbar icon.

  • Choose Message > Post Message Now () or Message > Post Message Later ().



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