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Assigning Categories

To help classify and organize your messages, contact records, notes, and tasks, you can assign one or more categories to any item. Every category has its own color, which is applied to message headers, note and task titles, contact records, and the like. You can use the default categories or add new categories that better represent the classifications you want. To make it simpler to find important information in Entourage, you can sort on and search by category.

To assign a category to an item

Select or open the item.

Choose a category by doing one of the following:

  • Click the down arrow beside the Categories toolbar icon.

  • Open the Edit > Categories submenu (Figure 1.38).

    Figure 1.38. One way to assign categories to a selected item is to choose them from the Edit > Categories submenu.

  • Click the Categories toolbar icon. In the Assign Categories dialog box (Figure 1.39), check as many categories as you like and click OK.

    Figure 1.39. To simultaneously assign multiple categories to an item, use the Assign Categories dialog box.

  • -click the item and open the Categories submenu.

  • In any list (such as the Tasks list), click and hold the mouse button in the Categories column for an item until the Categories menu appears.

To assign additional categories to an item, repeat any of the actions in Step 2.

Every new category that you choose for the item is added to its list. To remove an assigned category from an item, select the category again. Choose None to remove all categories you've assigned to the item.



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