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To perform the first synchronization

To perform the first synchronization

Launch HotSync Manager (normally found within the Applications: Palm folder).

Choose HotSync > Conduit Settings ().

The Conduit Settings window appears (Figure E.2).

Figure E.2. Double-click the Entourage Conduit to configure it.

Ensure that the correct user name is selected and then double-click the Entourage Conduit.

The Entourage Conduit Settings dialog box appears (Figure E.3).

Figure E.3. Select the correct identity and choose a HotSync action for each of the Entourage components.

Select your identity from the Entourage Identity pop-up list.

Choose one of these synchronization options for each of the four components:

  • Synchronize. This option synchronizes the two files. (Note, however, that if matching data such as a contact record has been changed in both Entourage and the Palm, two records are created.)

  • Entourage overwrites handheld. The selected Entourage database will replace the matching Palm database.

  • Handheld overwrites Entourage. The selected Palm database will replace the matching Entourage database.

  • Do nothing. During synchronization, the matching databases will neither be synchronized nor copied. Each remains unchanged.

Optional: If you choose either of the overwrite options, you can click the Do once and then synchronize check box (see Figure E.3).

Doing so sets up your data files as instructed and then reverts to normal synchronization for all future syncs.

Palm records marked Private are visible when transferred to Entourage. If this is acceptable to you, click the Synchronize private records check box. If unchecked, private records will not be transferred to Entourage.

To record your choices, click OK and then close the Conduit Settings window.

Perform your initial synchronization by inserting your handheld organizer into its cradle and pressing the HotSync button.

✓ Tip

  • For the first synchronization, rather than choose Synchronize for each data file, it may be preferable to choose the second or third option—depending on which data file you initially want to take precedence. For example, if you've just set up Entourage but have been using your handheld for a while, you can choose Handheld overwrites Entourage to create the initial Entourage data files.



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