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Creating a Message

Creating new messages is one of the most basic email activities.

To create a new message from scratch

Do one of the following:

  • From the Mail component, click the New toolbar icon, choose File > New > Mail Message, or press

  • From any other Entourage component, choose File > New > Mail Message, click the arrow beside the New toolbar icon, and choose Mail Message from the drop-down menu (Figure 10.5), or press Option

    Figure 10.5. Choose Mail Message from the New icon's drop-down menu.

A new message window appears, and the address pane opens.

In the To box, specify the email address to which you want to send the message by doing one of the following:

  • Start typing the name or email address. As you type, Entourage presents a list of possible matches drawn from your Address Book and the people with whom you've recently exchanged email (Figure 10.6). Click to select a name/address or continue typing.

    Figure 10.6. Type the recipient's address or select it from the Address Book pane.

  • Click the Address Book icon to display the contact records you've created. Double-click or drag a contact record into the To box.

  • Paste a complete email address into the box.

Optional: To enter more To addresses, click beneath the last address and repeat Step 2.

Optional: You can also include recipients in the Cc (carbon copy) or Bcc (blind carbon copy) boxes. Click in the appropriate box and follow Steps 2–3.

When you finish entering addresses, click outside the address box, press , or press .

The message window appears, and the insertion point moves to the Subject field.

Enter a subject to identify the message.

Press again and the pointer moves into the message box, ready for you to begin typing (Figure 10.7).

Figure 10.7. Enter the text of your message.

When you've finished typing the message, click one of these icons at the top of the message window (Figure 10.8):

  • Send Now. Click this icon if you're connected to your ISP and want to send the message immediately.

  • Send Later. This option puts the message in your Outbox where it waits for the next Send/Receive.

  • Save as Draft. Click this icon if you want to edit the message before sending it or wish to send it at a later time. The message will be stored in the Drafts folder until you send it.

Figure 10.8. When the message is ready to send, click one of these toolbar icons.



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