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Chapter 27. The Project Center > Creating a Project

Creating a Project

Of course, the first step is to create a new project. All projects are created and managed from within Entourage's Project Center.

To create a new project

Launch Entourage.

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Project Center icon in the upper-left corner (Figure 27.1). Click the New Project toolbar icon, choose File > New > New Project, or press .

    Figure 27.1. Click the Project Center icon to view and manage your projects.

  • From any other part of Entourage, click the down arrow beside the New toolbar icon and choose Project, or choose File > New > Project.

The New Project Wizard appears (Figure 27.2).

Figure 27.2. The New Project Wizard will step you through the process of setting up a new project.

To identify the project, enter a name for it in the Name text box.

Optional: If there is a due date for project completion, select a date by clicking the calendar icon. Ensure that the Due Date check box is checked.

Optional: To associate a color with all project-related items, click the Color icon and select a color from the pop-up list. You can also add an identifying picture by dragging its file icon into the designated area. If you have general notes about the project which you'd like to record, enter them in the Notes to Self text box.

Click the right-arrow icon to continue.

The next Wizard screen appears (Figure 27.3).

Figure 27.3. Create the two Watch folders and optionally import existing items into the new project.

Every project has two Watch folders. The purpose of these folders is to enable Entourage to make note of documents and items that are part of the project.

  • Entourage Project Watch Folder. When an email message is moved or copied to this folder, it is associated with the project.

  • Finder Project Watch Folder. This folder contains the actual documents (or aliases to them) that have been associated with the project.

Click a radio button in the Project Watch Folders area to indicate whether the folders will be created for you (Automatically create Project Watch Folders) or whether you wish to create them (Manually set Project Watch Folders). In the latter case, click each of the Change buttons to select an existing folder or to create a new one.

To import items that are already assigned to an existing category or project, select a category and/or project from the drop-down lists. Click the right-arrow icon to continue.

The next Wizard screen appears.

Project Setup: The Aftermath

After a project has been created, you can revisit your New Project Wizard settings whenever you like. You can do so to review the choices you made or to modify them. In the Project Center, click the Overview tab and then click the Properties button at the bottom of the window.

Set rules for associating email messages with the project (Figure 27.4):

  • Associate e-mail from Project contacts. If you later designate project contacts, any email from them will automatically be associated with the project.

  • Associate e-mail with the following subjects. Enter up to three keywords that—if found in an incoming message's Subject—will be used to classify the message as project-related.

  • Don't apply other rules to these messages. When checked, this prevents other message rules that you've created from performing their processing on project-related messages.

  • Apply Rules to existing messages. Check this box if you want to use the specified rules to attempt to reclassify current Entourage messages as being project-related.

Figure 27.4. Set rules for associating email messages with the project.

In the Finder Tools section, click the check box to place an alias to the Project Watch folder on the Desktop.

Creating the folder alias will give you easy access to project documents. It will also enable you to add new documents to the project by simply dragging them into the folder.

Click the right-arrow icon to continue.

The final Wizard screen appears (Figure 27.5).

Figure 27.5. Review this material and then click the right-arrow icon to create the project.

Read the information presented and click the right-arrow icon to create the project.

The project is generated, and you are taken to the Project Center.



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