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Chapter 19. The Presentation > Publishing a Presentation on the Web

Publishing a Presentation on the Web

One way to share your presentation with a large audience is to publish it in HTML format, enabling it to be viewed with any current Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari.

To create a presentation for the Web

Choose File > Save As Web Page.

A Save As panel appears (Figure 19.24).

Figure 19.24. When saving a presentation for display on the Web, you set options in this Save As panel.

Select a folder in which to save the presentation. Name the output file.

Optional: If compatibility problems are noted, click the Compatibility Report button and examine the list of problems.

In many cases, the problems will be related to opening the presentation in other versions of PowerPoint rather than its display on the Web.

Click the Web Options button.

The Web Options dialog box appears (Figure 19.25).

Figure 19.25. Enter a title and keywords for your Web presentation on the General tab of the Web Options dialog box.

On the General tab, type a title for the Web page. (This title will appear in the upper-left corner of the browser window.) You may also wish to enter keywords for the page, enabling Internet search engines to find and index it.

Click the Appearance tab and choose settings from the drop-down menus (Figure 19.26).

Figure 19.26. Set Appearance options, such as the text color, style of navigation buttons, and whether your notes will be displayed.

On the Pictures tab, pick a target monitor size.

When you are through changing settings, click OK to close the Web Options dialog box.

The Save As dialog box reappears.

Click Save.

The presentation is saved as an HTML file (with an .htm extension), along with a folder containing the graphics and additional pages.

Double-click the HTML file to view and test the presentation in your browser (Figure 19.27).

Figure 19.27. The presentation can be viewed in any current Web browser.



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