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Chapter 23. Tasks (To-Do Lists) > Creating and Deleting Tasks

Creating and Deleting Tasks

You can create new tasks by adding them directly to the Tasks list or by linking them to other events. When you've completed a task or you're no longer interested in tracking it, you can delete it from the Tasks list.

To create a new task

To create a new task from Tasks view, click the New toolbar icon at the top of the Entourage window, choose File > New > Task, or press .


To create a new task from any other view, choose File > New > Task or click the arrow beside the New toolbar icon and choose Task (Figure 23.1).

Figure 23.1. Regardless of the active Entourage component, you can create a new task by choosing this command from the New toolbar menu.

A new task window appears (Figure 23.2).

Figure 23.2. Enter a title and set options for the new task.

Enter a name for the task in the Task box.

Optional: Choose a category from the Categories pull-down menu, associate the task with a project, assign a priority, set a due date, schedule a reminder, and/or add a note (Figure 23.3).

Figure 23.3. This is an example of a task with a category, due date, reminder, occurrence, and notes.

If this is a recurring task, do one of the following:

  • Choose a recurrence schedule from the Occurs drop-down menu (Figure 23.4).

    Figure 23.4. Choose common recurrence schedules from the Occurs drop-down menu.

  • To set a schedule other than the ones listed, choose Custom from the Occurs drop-down menu. The Recurring Task window appears (Figure 23.5). Set the recurrence pattern and select an end criterion from the options in the Start and End pane. Click OK.

    Figure 23.5. Specify more complex recurrence schedules in the Recurring Task dialog box.

To save the task, click the Save toolbar icon, choose File > Save, or press . Close the task window.



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