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Chapter 9. Spreadsheet Essentials > Printing Worksheets and Workbooks

Printing Worksheets and Workbooks

Excel provides a multitude of tools and options to ensure that you can print exactly what you want. Printing is a two-step process: setting Page Setup options and page breaks, and printing the desired material.

To set page orientation and breaks

To view or change the page orientation, choose File > Page Setup. On the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box (Figure 9.36), click Portrait or Landscape and then click OK to close the dialog box.

Figure 9.36. Select a page orientation by clicking the appropriate radio button.

Changing the orientation will change the amount of material that will fit per page, as well as where page breaks fall.

Optional: To print only part of a worksheet, select it now. If you also want to save the selection as the sheet's new print area (so it will be remembered the next time you print), choose File > Print Area > Set Print Area.

Switch to Normal or Page Layout view to get a rough idea of where page breaks will occur in the printout. For a more accurate preview or to adjust the margins, choose File > Print Preview (Figure 9.37).

Figure 9.37. In Print Preview, you can examine the page breaks and adjust margins by dragging.

In Normal view, page breaks are indicated by dashed lines. In Page Layout view, page breaks are shown as new pages.

Optional: To manually adjust page breaks (ensuring that key data isn't split between pages or to make data fit within the page width, for example), choose View > Page Break Preview or click the Page Break Preview icon. Drag the page break lines to new positions, if desired (Figure 9.38).

Figure 9.38. In Page Break Preview, you can change the page breaks by dragging them to new positions.

Note that if you drag a break right or down (to fit additional rows or columns), Excel will scale the printout as needed.



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