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Chapter 8. Other Word Features > Printing Envelopes

Printing Envelopes

The Envelope wizard can extract the mailing address from a letter and format it so you can print an envelope. Alternatively, you can use the Envelope wizard to create and print any envelope; it doesn't matter whether the address is extracted from an open document, chosen from the Office Address Book, or entered by hand.

To create an envelope

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Tools > Envelopes.

  • In the Project Gallery, select the Letters-Envelopes category and then select the Envelope wizard.

The Envelope wizard appears (Figure 8.8). If the active Word document contains a single address, the wizard automatically uses it as the delivery address.

Figure 8.8. Specify the delivery address, the return address (if any), and formatting options.

If the active Word document doesn't contain a delivery address, you can type one in the Delivery address text box. You can also pick one from the Office Address Book by clicking the icon beside the text box.

By default, your address from the Office Address Book is used as the return address.

  • To use a different return address, remove the checkmark from the Use my address check box. Then type a new return address or click the Address Book icon to select a return address from the Office Address Book.

  • To omit the return address (if you're using preprinted envelopes, for example), click the Omit check box.

Optional: Click the Font and Position buttons to make any necessary changes to the format and position of the delivery and return address.

In the Printing Options section of the wizard, click a radio button to specify whether the envelope will be printed using standard settings for your printer or, in the case of an unsupported envelope size, whether custom settings are necessary.

Click the Page Setup button to specify the printer to use, envelope size, and printer feed method (Figure 8.9). Click OK.

Figure 8.9. Use the Page Setup dialog box to set print options.

Do one of the following:

  • If you're satisfied with the formatting and are ready to print the envelope, click Print.

  • If you want to make further changes to the envelope (reducing the line spacing in the addresses or adding a logo, for example), click OK. The envelope is displayed as a new, editable Word document (Figure 8.10).

    Figure 8.10. Rather than route the envelope directly to your printer, you can generate it as an editable Word document.



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