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Creating Labels

Word provides label templates that you can use to create many kinds of labels, such as mailing labels, videotape labels, and name badges. Using the Labels wizard, you can generate a single label or an entire sheet of the same label that will print on popular label manufacturers' stock.

To create labels

Do one of the following:

  • If the Project Gallery isn't open, choose File > Project Gallery (). On the New tab, select Labels from the Groups list (Figure 8.5), select the Mailing Label Wizard, and click OK.

    Figure 8.5. You can select the Mailing Label Wizard (Labels wizard) from the Project Gallery dialog box.

  • Create a new document by choosing File > New Blank Document (), and then choose Tools > Labels.

The Labels wizard appears (Figure 8.6).

Figure 8.6. Design your label in the Labels wizard.

Click the Options button to open the Label Options window (Figure 8.7). Specify the type of printer you'll use, the label manufacturer, and the label's part number. Click OK.

Figure 8.7. Select the label manufacturer, part number, and the printer you'll use.

Enter the address or other appropriate text in the Address text box of the Labels wizard.

To insert your own mailing address (from your identity in the Entourage Address Book), click the Use my address check box.

Click a radio button to indicate the desired printing option: Full page of the same label or Single label. (In the latter case, you must also specify the label row and column on which you want to print.)

Optional: You can alter the font, size, and style of selected text by clicking Font. To set special print options, click Customize.

Click OK.

The labels appear in a new document.



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