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Chapter 2. Office 2004 and the Internet > Other Internet Capabilities

Other Internet Capabilities

Office 2004 has additional Internet capabilities that you may want to explore. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Use Word's File > Open Web Page command (Figure 2.10) to fetch Web pages from the Internet.

    Figure 2.10. Type, paste, or select the address of the Web page that you want to open.

  • You can create Web pages from Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents using the File > Save as Web Page command, enabling you to publish the pages on the Internet or a company intranet. If you have friends or coworkers who don't use Office, they can view the resulting documents in any browser. For an example of saving an Office document as a Web page, see Chapter 19.

  • You can use the File > Save as Web Page command in Entourage to save your calendar as a series of Web pages (Figure 2.11). If you publish the pages to a Web site, you (and others, if you wish) can refer to the calendar from any Internet access point—while on vacation or a business trip, for example.

    Figure 2.11. You can select a date range from your Entourage calendar and save it as a set of Web pages.

  • Use the File > Web Page Preview command to quickly determine how the current Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document will look if saved as a Web page.

  • The Help menu has commands that open your Web browser to display information from the Internet.

    • Choose Help > Check for Updates to launch Microsoft AutoUpdate (Figure 2.12).

      Figure 2.12. You can configure AutoUpdate to check for Office updates on a regular schedule or just run it manually whenever you wish.

    • Choose Tools > Tools on the Web to visit the Mactopia Web site. You can get assistance with Office programs and use the site resources, such as encyclopedias and trip planners.

    • Choose Help > Visit the Product Web Site or Help > Downloads and Updates to go to the Office section of the Mactopia Web site or to the downloads area, respectively.

  • You can download additional clip art images by choosing Insert > Picture > Clip Art and then clicking Online in the Clip Gallery window (Figure 2.13).

    Figure 2.13. You can view and download clip art from Microsoft's Web site.

  • If you need to perform Internet activities from within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, display the Web toolbar (Figure 2.14) by choosing View > Toolbars > Web.

    Figure 2.14. Using the Web toolbar, you can perform common Web activities in Office applications.



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