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Chapter 20. Email > Handling Junk Email

Handling Junk Email

Anyone who has an email account will eventually receive junk mail (spam). If you use your regular email address to register on Web sites or if you send email to corporations, newsgroups, or mailing lists, your volume of received junk mail is liable to increase. Using the Junk E-mail Protection feature, you can filter out much of this time-wasting, annoying mail.

To filter out possible junk mail

Choose Tools > Junk E-mail Protection.

The Junk E-mail Protection dialog box appears.

On the Level tab (Figure 20.31), click a radio button to specify the level of protection desired.

Figure 20.31. On the Level tab, specify a filtering level to use to identify incoming junk email.

When received, suspected junk email is automatically assigned the Junk category and is moved to the Junk E-mail folder.

To instruct Entourage to automatically delete junk mail after a period of time, click the Delete messages from the Junk E-mail folder older than X days check box and enter a number in the text box.

Optional: On the Safe Domains tab of the dialog box (Figure 20.32), you can enter a list of domains (the part of an email address after the @ sign) that should never be classified as junk. Separate the domains with commas.

Figure 20.32. On the Safe Domains tab, enter a comma-delimited list of trusted domains. Doing so prevents their messages from being classified as junk.

Click OK to save the new settings.



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