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Chapter 7. Creating Tables > Creating a Simple Table

Creating a Simple Table

The process of creating a table includes specifying the number of rows and columns, entering text or data, and formatting the table and cells.

To create a simple table

Position the insertion point in your Word document where you want the table to appear.

Click the Insert Table icon on the Standard toolbar.

In the pop-up palette, drag to specify the desired number of columns and rows (Figure 7.1).

Figure 7.1. Drag in the pop-up palette to specify the table size.

An unformatted table appears (Figure 7.2). If you don't want to format the table immediately (or at all), you can begin entering your text and data. Otherwise, continue with Step 4.

Figure 7.2. An unformatted table appears in the Word document.

To apply a predefined format to the table, choose Table > Table AutoFormat.

The Table AutoFormat dialog box appears (Figure 7.3).

Figure 7.3. Choose Table > Table AutoFormat, and then choose a format from the Formats list.

Select a table style from the Formats list.

You can choose from simple structures, tables with or without headers, three-dimensional tables, and colored tables. A sample of the selected style appears in the Preview window.

Set the formatting options in the bottom section of the dialog box as desired.

Click OK.

The formatting is applied to the table (Figure 7.4).

Figure 7.4. Your formatting choices are applied to the table.]



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