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To draw an object

If the Drawing toolbar isn't visible, display it by choosing View > Toolbars > Drawing (Figure 17.27).

Figure 17.27. The Drawing toolbar.

Switch to a view that clearly displays the slide and select a drawing tool.

Click and drag to create the object (Figure 17.28). The outline appears as you drag.

Figure 17.28. Click and drag to create the object.

Depending on the tool selected, you can draw basic shapes (such as rectangles, lines, and ovals) or special shapes (such as smiley faces, banners, flowchart objects, and 3D shapes).

To format the drawn object, select it and do one of the following:

  • Select formatting options from the Line Style, Line Color, Fill Color, and Shadow pop-up palettes on the Drawing toolbar (Figure 17.29).

    Figure 17.29. You can select a line style, line color, fill color, or shadow from pop-up palettes on the Drawing toolbar.

  • You can also set formatting options in the Format AutoShape dialog box (Figure 17.30). To open the dialog box, choose Format > AutoShape or double-click the object.

    Figure 17.30. If you have elaborate object-formatting needs, you may want to use the Format AutoShape dialog box.

✓ Tips

  • AutoShapes, lines, and WordArt objects can also be selected from the Add Objects section of the Formatting Palette. Many common formatting commands can also be found on the Formatting Palette.

  • To add text to a drawn object, select the Text Box tool, click inside the object, and type. (Some objects, such as the Callouts in the AutoShapes menu, are automatically enclosed in a text box.)

  • To group shapes, hold down as you click each object for the group, click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar, and choose Group from the drop-down menu.

  • To change the layering for a selected object, click the Draw tool's drop-down menu. Choose Arrange > Send to Back or another layering command.



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