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Chapter 17. Creating a Presentation > To add clip art to a slide

To add clip art to a slide

Create a new slide, choosing Text & Clip Art or Clip Art & Text as the format.

The new slide appears (Figure 17.19).

Figure 17.19. This slide layout is intended for a combination of text and clip art.

Double-click the clip art placeholder.

The Clip Gallery: PowerPoint window appears (Figure 17.20).

Figure 17.20. Select a clip art image from the Clip Gallery.

Select a category from the list on the left or perform a search by entering a keyword in the Search text box.

Relevant clip art appears in the panel on the right.

Select an image and click Insert.

The picture is inserted into the placeholder.

✓ Tips

  • Even if you haven't created a slide with a placeholder for clip art, you can manually insert clip art into any slide by choosing Insert > Picture > Clip Art.

  • To insert a different type of image (such as a photo), follow the same procedure but create a new slide that contains a picture placeholder. When you double-click the placeholder, the Choose a Picture dialog box appears (Figure 17.21), allowing you to select a picture from your hard disk.

    Figure 17.21. You can insert an image from disk by selecting it in the Choose a Picture dialog box.

  • If you want to edit a picture, you can use commands in the Formatting Palette, the Format menu, or the Picture toolbar. To display the toolbar (Figure 17.22), choose View > Toolbars > Picture.

    Figure 17.22. Display the Picture toolbar to assist you with image editing.

  • Click the Format Picture icon on the Picture toolbar to open the Format Picture dialog box and access more tools that you can use to control the look and location of clip art and other images.

  • You can insert any type of graphic by clicking an icon (Insert Clip Art, Insert Image from File, Insert Picture from Scanner or Camera, or Insert Movie) in the Graphics section of the Formatting Palette.



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