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Chapter 22. Calendar > Sending and Responding to Invitations

Sending and Responding to Invitations

Entourage makes it easy to send invitations to your events via email, as well as to reply to event invitations.

To invite others to an event

Switch to the Calendar window, and double-click the event to open it in a separate window (Figure 22.16).

Figure 22.16. To invite others to attend an event, click the Invite toolbar icon.

If it's a repeating event, indicate in the dialog box that appears whether you're editing just this instance or the entire event series (see Figure 22.15).

Click the Invite toolbar icon.

In the address pane (Figure 22.17), specify the people to whom you wish to send an invitation and close the address pane.

Figure 22.17. Specify invitiation recipients as you do an email recipient. To select people from your address book, click the Address Book icon.

The full event invitation is displayed.

If you have multiple email addresses, click the From drop-down list to select the address from which you want to send the invitation.

Edit the invitation as necessary.

To change the event from all day to a specific time span, for example, uncheck the All-day event check box. Note that you can also attach files, if you wish.

Click the Send Now toolbar icon to email the invitation to the designated people.

Recipients receive a message to which, if they are using Entourage, they can respond by simply clicking an Accept, Decline, or Tentative toolbar icon. Entourage then relays a response to the person who sent the invitations.

Recipients who don't use Entourage can reply with a normal email message.



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