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Chapter 21. Address Book > Printing the Address Book

Printing the Address Book

Using the Print command, you can print one contact record, selected records, or all records (in phone list or address book format).

To print one or more contact records

Switch to the Address Book section.

Optional: To print one or selected records, select the records in the Address Book list.

You can -click or -click to select multiple records.

Click the Print toolbar icon, choose File > Print, or press .

The Print dialog box appears (Figure 21.22).

Figure 21.22. Select print settings and click Print.

Select a printer to use from the Printer drop-down list.

From the Print drop-down menu, choose what you want to print: Selected Contacts, All Contacts, or Flagged Contacts.

Choose a print format (Address Book or Phone List) from the Style drop-down menu.

If you intend to print on nonstandard paper, select a paper style from the Form drop-down list.

To review or change print options, click the Layout button. In the Print Layout dialog box (Figure 21.23), make any necessary changes and click OK.

Figure 21.23. Special print options can be set in the Print Layout dialog box.

Indicate the number of copies to print, whether copies should be collated (when printing multiple copies), and whether to print all pages or a page range.

If you need to specify a different paper size or orientation, click Page Setup.

Click Print to generate the printout.



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