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Chapter 6. Adding Graphics > Inserting Clip Art and Other Images

Inserting Clip Art and Other Images

Clip art, photos, and scans can add color and visual interest to a document. Clip art is great if you're creating a brochure, advertising an event, or hosting a party. And, of course, nothing beats the realism of including your own photographs and scans in a document—whether they're inserted from disk or added directly from a connected TWAIN-compliant digital camera or scanner.

To insert clip art into a document

Choose Insert > Picture > Clip Art or, if the Drawing toolbar is visible, click the Insert Clip Art toolbar icon.

The Clip Gallery window appears (Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1. Pick from the many high-quality images in the Clip Gallery window.

Select a clip art category from the list on the left, and then click to select a picture from the ones displayed.

Optional: To preview the selected image at full size in a separate window, click the Preview check box.

Click Insert to insert the picture into your document.

The picture appears in the document at the current insertion mark.

Optional: To change the picture's size or format settings, select the picture.

The Picture toolbar appears (Figure 6.2) or—if the Formatting Palette is open—the Picture toolbar's tools are added to the Formatting Palette.

Figure 6.2. Use the Picture toolbar to edit, format, apply special effects, or specify a text wrap method for the selected image.

Optional: Make any necessary edits, as explained in “Image Editing,” later in this chapter.



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