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Chapter 11. Working with Other Applicati... > Exporting Presentations as a Flash M... - Pg. 251

Working with Other Applications 251 Figure 11.35. Choose how you want your slides exported as image files. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Choose All to export all slides, or click From and enter a range of slide numbers. If you don't want a separate image for each stage of a slide build (most times you will not), deselect the "Create an image for each stage of builds" check box. From the Format pop-up menu, choose JPEG (Medium quality), PNG (High quality), or TIFF (Highest quality). Click Next. A Save sheet appears, prompting you for the name of the exported image files and where you want to put them on your hard disk. Click Export. The files are saved with the name you gave them, with the slide number appended to each file name.