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Chapter 5. Working with Graphics > Modifying Image Borders

Modifying Image Borders

The borders of a shape or image are delineated in Keynote by the stroke, which is the line around the object. Keynote allows you to set the line style, line thickness, and line color for shapes. If you prefer, you can have no stroke around an object. For the line shape, you can also set a graphic (such as an arrowhead, or a circle) for the line's endpoints.

To set the stroke for an object

Open the Graphic Inspector.

Select the object for which you want to set the stroke.

In the Stroke section of the Graphic Inspector (Figure 5.46), set the following:

Figure 5.46. You can control the stroke width, line style, and line color for any object.

  • Type an entry, in pixels, into the thickness field, or use the arrow buttons next to the field.

  • Choose a line style from the pop-up menu (Figure 5.47).

    Figure 5.47. The Line Style pop-up menu gives you four choices of line styles, or you can choose no line at all.

  • Click the color well to open the Colors window, then set a line color by clicking it in that window.

  • If the shape you are working with is a Line, select a graphic for the endpoints from the two endpoint pop-up menus (Figure 5.48).

    Figure 5.48. The two endpoint pop-up menus contain identical options to add graphics to each end of a line.

The shape's stroke changes as you command (Figure 5.49).

Figure 5.49. This image uses a dashed, fairly thick stroke.



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