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Special Thanks to

Special Thanks to

The folks at Peachpit

Once again, I am indebted to my editor, Nancy Davis, for her fabulous editing skills, and for working on this book even when she really was too busy to do so.

Thanks to Alison Kelley for last-minute editing and shepherding, and thanks to Becky Winter for her production expertise.

Thanks to Kim Lombardi and Scott Cowlin for that promotional pizzazz.

The Keynote community

I'm not the only person who thinks that Keynote is pretty cool; a vibrant community offers themes, news, and help. My thanks to the following members of the Keynote ecosystem who helped out with this edition:

Brian Peat, of KeynoteUser.com (www.keynoteuser.com), served as the technical editor for this book, provided his themes for screenshots, and wrote the first draft of Chapter 14.

Jim Bradley, of KeynotePro (www.keynotepro.com), has been wonderfully supportive with themes and advice.

John Driedger, proprietor of Keynote Theme Park (www.keynotethemepark.com), allowed me to use his excellent themes.

Saulius Dailide, of Jumsoft (www.jumsoft.com), who provided his themes and clip art.

Brad Taylor, of KeynoteHQ.com (www.keynotehq.com), who provided themes and encouragement.

Everybody else

Thanks to my wife Dori, and my son Sean, for living with me through another book project without strangling me in my sleep.

Thanks to the following people and vendors for their help and the use of their products:

Linda Sharps, Marketing Manager, The Omni Group.

Hemera Technologies, Inc.

Gary Lewis, proprietor of PowerPoint Art.com (www.powerpointart.com).

The soundtrack for this book (hum it along with me!) was graciously provided by Fisher, Joydrop, U2, Rock Chicks Radio (www.rockchicksradio.com), and some bouncy pop music that I refuse to identify. Thank goodness (and Apple) for iTunes.

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