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Chapter 12. Giving the Presentation > Preparing to Present - Pg. 253

253 Chapter 12. Giving the Presentation The funny thing about presentations is that you do a bunch of work to create your presentation and make it look good, and at the end of the process the real job hasn't even started yet--you still have to give the presentation. For some people, giving a presentation (and public speaking in general) ranks in popularity just this side of dental surgery. Other folks like nothing better than to be standing in front of an audience. Most of us, however, fall somewhere between the two extremes. Luckily, people have been speaking in front of groups for thousands of years, and there is a lot of received wisdom about what you can do to make giving a presentation a comfortable experience for both you and your audience. Besides the nuts and bolts of giving a presentation with Keynote, I'll include some speaking tips in this chapter that should help improve your presentations. You'll also learn how to handle giving presentations with laptops and external monitors or projectors; use Keynote's new Presenter Display; discover some cool hardware and software extras for pre- sentations; and print your presentation so that your audience can bask in the glory of your presen- tation long after you've disappeared into the night.