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Chapter 4. Getting the Type Right > Entering Bulleted Text

Entering Bulleted Text

On many slides, you'll use bulleted text, which you've seen in most presentations to denote the individual talking points on a slide (Figure 4.4). Bulleted text is just that, text preceded by a marker called a bullet. In Keynote, a bullet can be either a text character or a graphic.

Figure 4.4. You'll use bulleted text to make your points.

The bulleted text on a slide can have multiple levels, which denote sub-points or sub-topics. For example, you could have text on a slide such as this:

Contemporary Folk Music


Kaplansky, Lucy

Peacock, Alice

Shindell, Richard

Each level of text is subordinate to the level above. On a slide, just as in the text above, that subordination will be shown as indented text. There will be a bullet at each level, preceding the text. In some themes, you'll see different bullets for each indented level (Figure 4.5).

Figure 4.5. Some themes use different colors or shapes of bullets for each bullet level.

When you enter text in a bulleted text box, Keynote automatically inserts the bullets whenever you begin a new line by pressing Return. Pressing Tab at the beginning of a new line indents that line one level.

Keynote allows one bulleted text box per slide (this is a limitation of Keynote compared to PowerPoint, which allows multiple bulleted text boxes on a slide). You can manually insert other text boxes, and they can even contain bulleted text, but only one text box per slide can have automatic bullets.

To enter bulleted text

Create a slide with a slide master containing a bulleted text box.

Typical slide masters with bulleted text boxes include Title & Bullets, Bullets, and Title, Bullets & Photo.

In the text box with the “Double-click to enter” placeholder, double-click to place the insertion point.

Enter your text.

If your entry is too large for the text box, it will wrap within the text box, with the default left text alignment (see Figure 4.2).

Press Return to begin a new line.

Keynote automatically inserts a new bullet at the beginning of the line.

(Optional) To indent text one level, press Tab before you begin typing on a new line.

✓ Tips

  • Press with the insertion point placed anywhere in a line of text to remove one level of indenting.

  • You can't indent the first bullet in the list.

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