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Chapter 4. Getting the Type Right > Setting Text and Bullet Tabs

Setting Text and Bullet Tabs

Keynote allows you to set tabs within bulleted text boxes and free text boxes in much the same way that you could set tabs in a word processor. As with word processors, you'll set tabs using rulers and tab markers.

When you display Keynote's rulers and set the insertion point into a text box, you'll see a variety of markers on the ruler showing you the tabs and indents for the text box (Figure 4.38). The markers are as follows:

  • Level indent markers appear in text boxes that contain bulleted text. Moving these markers to the right or left moves all the bullet points at that level horizontally.

  • First-line indent marker is useful mainly in free text boxes. It allows you to set a first-line indent. If you drag this marker to the left of the text indent marker, you'll create an outdent, where the first line hangs by itself to the left of the rest of the text.

  • Text indent marker sets the left margin for the text within the text box. This marker is usually in the same position as the first-line indent marker.

  • Tab markers allow you to set left, center, right, and decimal tabs.

Figure 4.38. Use Keynote's rulers to set indents and tabs.

To set and change text indents and tabs

If they are not already visible, show Keynote's rulers by choosing View > Show Rulers, or by pressing .

The rulers appear.

Click to set the insertion point in a text box where you want to set or change tabs or indents.

The indent and tab markers for that line appear on the ruler.

To add a new tab, click on the ruler.


To remove a tab from the ruler, drag it off the ruler.


To move tabs or indents, drag them left or right on the ruler.

By default, Keynote puts a left tab on the ruler when you click.

(Optional) To change a tab on the ruler from one sort of tab to another, Control-click the tab marker to bring up a contextual menu (Figure 4.39), then choose from the menu.

Figure 4.39. Control-clicking on a tab marker brings up a contextual menu that allows you to change the tab type.

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