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Chapter 4. Getting the Type Right > Adding Title and Body Text

Adding Title and Body Text

The first slide in your presentation is almost always the title slide, which usually contains two pieces of information: the title of the presentation, and a subtitle, which is where you can put your name and company affiliation (Figure 4.1).

Figure 4.1. The Title slide starts off your presentation.

In Keynote, all text must be in text boxes. A text box defines the boundaries of the text. If you have more text than the text box can contain (which depends on the size of the text box and the size and style of the text within the box), text will be cut off, and Keynote will display a plus icon at the bottom of the text box to let you know that you are missing some text (Figure 4.2). Text automatically wraps inside text boxes.

Figure 4.2. The plus icon at the bottom of the text box lets you know that you have cut off some text.

Most of the time, you'll use the text boxes provided on the master slide that you have chosen for your slide, but you can also add your own text boxes to a particular slide, as discussed in the next section.

To add title and body text

Open a new presentation file, and apply a theme from the “Theme Chooser” sheet.

Keynote creates a new slide based on the first master slide in the theme file, which is usually the Title & Subtitle master slide (and is always in the built-in themes). The new slide will contain placeholder text for its text boxes, which say, “Double-click to edit” as shown in Figure 4.3.

Figure 4.3. Text boxes in Keynote have placeholder text, until you add your own.

Double-click in the title box, which usually contains larger sized text than the subtitle.

An insertion point will begin blinking in the title box.

Type in your title.

When you're done entering the title, click outside of the title box to deselect it, or double-click in the subtitle box to begin entering your subtitle.

You'll know you're ready to enter text in the subtitle box when you see the insertion point blinking in that box.

Type in your subtitle.

Click outside of the subtitle box to deselect it.

✓ Tips

  • It's natural to want to press the Return or Enter when you're done entering text in a Keynote text box. But if you do that, Keynote will insert another line in the text box.

  • Keynote lacks a handy feature that you may have become used to in PowerPoint: Keynote doesn't automatically resize text and reduce line spacing in order to fit too-long text within text boxes. Instead, you'll have to manage the fit of your text within text boxes manually.

  • If you like, you can place a graphic on your title slide; there's no law saying that it has to include just text. See Chapter 5 for more information about placing graphics on slides.

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