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Chapter 14. Creating Custom Themes > Importing Graphics into Keynote

Importing Graphics into Keynote

There are several ways to get images into Keynote. Depending on how your image was made, you'll use a combination of techniques to import images (see Chapter 5 for more on importing graphics):

  • While you can copy and paste objects into Keynote from certain applications, it's not a good idea to copy and paste bitmapped images that have semi-transparent portions (such as shadows) or aren't rectangular in shape. Pasting a semi-transparent image into Keynote usually results in an image that is 100% solid, badly dithered, or a combination of both (Figure 14.8).

    Figure 14.8. Copying and pasting photo cutout images doesn't always work correctly. Here the soft transparent edge in the cutout has been replaced with a dither pattern with lots of small dots.

  • You can drag and drop images from the Finder into Keynote. This gives you the same results as choosing Insert > Choose. Using this method will ensure that your semi-transparent images work properly (Figure 14.9).

    Figure 14.9. Dragging and dropping a photo cutout file from the Finder retains the soft edge of the cutout properly.

  • You can drag and drop images from some applications into Keynote. This usually works in applications that also support using copy and paste. Dragging and dropping images this way can give unexpected results. Sometimes the image comes into Keynote properly, other times you get the same type of result as when using the copy and paste method.

  • Using Insert > Choose works for any image type that Keynote supports, and it can come in handy if your screen is cluttered and you can't easily get to an image in the Finder or in another application.

  • You can make an AppleWorks or PowerPoint presentation file that contains basic shapes (like those with a single outline) and import the file into Keynote. Doing this will give you objects with an editable fill and stroke. This lets you get objects into Keynote that can't normally be created there and you can still modify them somewhat.



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